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What is life like, owning a growing business?

The truth is, it is hard.  Everyday is hard, everyday is trying, everyday presents challenges you could not foresee.  I am tested and more than occasionally question if my choices are worth it.  The trick is though, once you start it, you have to push yourself to see it through.  You need to push forward, set constant goals, strive for excellence and do not look back.  Accept it, the highs and lows, the achievements and the failures, as one of the greatest rides you will get to encounter.  Otherwise, you will not make it.

I have no regrets.  Whether it is a bad day, a great day, an average day, I come to play.  I came to play yesterday, I showed up today, and I will be there tomorrow.  My grit and resilience is my best friend and the secret to my business success.  I never take my eye off the prize, and staying in my lane with focus is imperative.  I know everyday is a game of chance, and after all these years of playing, some chances you could not imagine or plan for, but they happen and you react.  A real entrepreneur is a strategic problem solver.  It is a person who can react quickly and effectively.  If you know a small business owner and cannot say that, I would question their business.  The strongest businesses have the strongest problem solving thinkers.

Challenges are everywhere, and no matter how many years you spend at it, they will always keep popping up.  You can never have all the answers, because trust me, you will never know all the problems.  Some of my personal hardest challenges in business have involved financing, anything in regards to and dealing with COVID, employee relations, and simply gambling on how and when to grow.  Some of my most shocking problems have involved dealing with customer interactions, choosing my business over other possibilities, and simply defending my female-owned business in a still male dominated world.  

If you are considering the possibility of entrepreneurship, I will always be the risk taker encouraging it.  I would state though, if you are chasing dollars and not passion, you will find the path very hard and crave constant motivation to push where you need to go.  Chase something that fuels you, something that excites you more than anything else.  As you start, plan, then plan some more, execute at your highest level, and see how success can feel.




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