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and here we year 8! churn up!

Today, churn turns eight. It has been the quickest, longest, best, most stressful, unforgettable, irreplaceable, magical time of my life, and yet we are only eight. I do not take churn or its success for granted. I am well aware, especially in the current economic state, that success can be looked at quarterly, monthly, even daily; and for that, I am extra grateful for those coming and going daily from churn’s doors.

This year has been exceptionally interesting. I would be lying if I said closing churn in Gibsonia was not an emotional roller-coaster. Unfortunately, we had no other choice due to circumstances out of our control; several workers did come to the location in Glenshaw to continue on with churn, and honestly, this closure will inevitably promote growth of the churn brand in other ways in the future. I will not lie and say some of those Gibsonia regulars have a piece of my churn heart forever, and some were the very first and also the very last to come into the location. I would have never dreamed of dedication like that when I first opened our doors. One day, I can only

hope we will end up in Gibsonia again one way or another. In the meantime, I do enjoy seeing some who venture to Hartwood Towne Centre still to say hi. In closing that chapter for now, I will continue to say, thus far, it was undeniably the time of my life thanks to each and every one of you and I will always remember those days.

Going forward, churn will be moving in the direction of getting kiosks put into our locations to help speed delivery and prep time as well as putting an official churn app into the marketplace. We plan to start testing it in the next few weeks and have it launched for good in January. We have a few other exciting drops next year, but for now, that is our start, so stay tuned!

As some may know, I started chasing this entrepreneurial dream as a way to get some control over my time and stress due to health challenges that were causing me grief in the corporate world. I work just as much now, just as stressed I am sure, but I love it; the people I meet, the people I work with and the environment I operate in. I said it before and I will say it again, if it all ended tomorrow, I would not change or trade one part of this journey. I love meeting new people, I love working with the age bracket I am typically around,, I love making ice cream (especially new flavors), I love doing construction buildouts and creating the actual churn layouts, but most of all, I love the ups, downs, trials and tribulations of the daily trials and tribulations thrown your way. The adventure of the unknown is nothing short of a thrill to me. To anyone out there doing it, cheers! To anyone out there thinking about it, today is a fabulous day to start!

Chasing a dream that only you understand at first, is the hardest feat you will ever battle, but as your start to make strides in your journey and become victorious, there is no triumph quite like it. So start…and do not look back. The risk takers, today, tomorrow, and in the days to come, will always be the victors. Society today is ever-changing. Do not get comfortable, do not sit still, and never settle for complacency. If you are done trying, you are done working.




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