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go's your birthday...

#50 cent

Another year has passed...

This year has put obstacles in my path I would have never predicted. It was not just trying professionally, but personally. I was faced with challenges and choices I could have never imagined, and if I had to weigh in on them and tell you my takeaway, I was given those situations personally to make my professional life perspective not just easier, but just that, professional. #churn #churnup #life #lifeobstacles

In business, especially small business, it is hard if not impossible to avoid getting emotionally attached to the business, the staff and the customers you see daily. I think that attachment is what can make or break you in the long run and ruin the possibility of future growth for some, because when things get tight, some owners cannot differentiate properly between the thoughts in the right brain and the left brain. Though my personal health struggles weigh on me constantly, they also make me a better business minded human. They keep my picture clear and things in line, and when decisions need made, they always lean me in the direction I need to go. #health #leftminded

Churn closed one of its locations this year, its founding location to be exact, and I would have never thought I would do that. For many reasons I know it was the right decision to make, and a few months out from it, I can confidently say, it was absolutely the right decision for churn’s future to push forward. The location did a fine job for churn during its existence, but when lease re-negotiations were up and nothing changed to add benefit to our future goals, it was clear churn would be better served somewhere else. As the economy is still in the most confusing state I have experienced to date, churn will navigate and figure that out in the year ahead. In the meantime, though it will treasure its time there forever, it is moving on in the most bittersweet way it can. #foreverlove #gibsoniarocked #thebeginning

Aside from churn, these last few months I have put more time and energy into my personal well-being than ever before. From diet changes, to exercise, to training, to yoga, to mental health reviews to reading about stress reduction, I have never spent so much time on trying to minimize anything and everything that could be delaying my personal progress with and for my doctors. I am not against self-education or change, but in a moment of true honestly, my fear is the complete surrender and the failure that could come at the end. A couple months ago I lost sight in my right eye by developing blood clots (I do have a blood disease). I am doing retina injections and blood thinners and have regained about 85% back, which is probably the best I will get too. I have few fears in life, but of the few, going blind is ironically one of them, and my left eye has already developed an aneurysm that will eventually take it out of the game in the coming years. I must say, of all the ailments and issues I have been dealt, this is somewhat a spin to see one of my fears falling into my lap. I have no doubt, I will take it head on and probably/hopefully figure it out though. #bringit #letsgo #doctorsbeready

I still have quite the bucket list for the next five years so I need one of them functioning at least, and I think the power of positivity will make that happen for me. I am not one that is in this getting older anyway, as I do not count by years, I count by experience. I honestly want to just keep getting better and better, but with that the years seem to come too. Stay tuned though, trust me, these next years I am turning the dial full speed ahead as I accelerate a bit, you know, just in case. =) #fullspeedahead #birthdays #letsdothis #bucketlist #1dayorday1



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