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...and to the next chapter we go

The end of anything will always be emotional. That is why before getting there, you must weigh out the pros, the cons, and the greater impact it will have. At that point, throw caution to the wind, cross your fingers and hope you choose right.

The past is not a failure or something to forget. We must learn to walk away and care for the big picture. It will be beautiful to see how far we can go…

The decision to close churn Gibsonia was one of the hardest I have had to make yet. It was our beginning, our creation. It was our home. Today when I walked into Gibsonia, two of my first customers who became regulars quickly, were in the shop. They are a bit older in age, and assuming social media was probably not in their vocabulary, I talked to them about my decision to close Gibsonia and how much their patronage has meant to me. I felt my heart tighten up during the conversation. I know we are moving in the right direction, but I also realize I will not be coming back after my vacation or holiday breaks to the same people sitting in my shop creating small talk with me. That pain is unique, but bittersweet. I could never replace those customers, but the future plans are exciting.

That said, let me tell you my side of the story. Almost eight years ago, I started this business having completely mixed expectations. I was in 100% percent, but there was a lot of doubt surrounding me from others. If anything, I used the doubters to give me more persistence to see success and push forward. No matter what you create, you will have haters. Use their words to better yourself and your business, instead of placing shadows on your dreams. The last few years have been nothing short of challenging, but the last 10-15 months in particular, our shift has gone from supply chain and economic downturns, to landlord issues and continuous unreasonable requests.

Churn will continue to grow, but we need support from our building companions and surroundings to get us there. In a complete honest moment, our number one reason for leaving Gibsonia is the landlord. As a small business reaching out to another, if considering here, due your due diligence with lease and lease negotiations. Our monthly rent has exceeded what we are paying in the city, and we are forced to continue to get put through unfair charges and increases. Most of the property in western PA is on sale right now due to the state of the economy, as well as every other town around, so we must visit elsewhere and find a suitor more concerned about tenant growth and tenant support, than their own pockets. The world is completely at our disposal right now, and we must find places to grow that are encouraging it, not draining it.

For those that know some of my story, I have had three brain aneurysms to date, two brain surgeries, one a full craniotomy, and suffer as a chronic migraine patient daily. Up until churn, if there was one thing I knew, it was pain and doubt. I knew accepting odds instead of changing odds. I made a promise to my dad years ago though, that I will be kicking and screaming all the way to my last day here, continuously bettering myself and business in any way I can. I will spend every minute creating small business and small business encouragement, because that is the passion I have grown to see in the most need anymore. I will support myself and churn on making the best moves for its future, and hope others do the same for theirs.

If there is one thing announcing the closing of Gibsonia has done for me, it has restored my faith that churn deserves a place in the market. My business may not be for everyone, but it is for A LOT of people and that’s why I will continue to show up and move forward. Currently, I do plan to open a newer model of churn in the next year. I expect it to be our most efficient, modern, unique location yet. Stay tuned!

Please, I will end this by also stating as my journey continues on, your place in it is solid. Thank you so much for almost eight years of yummy, awesome, wholesome memories.

Yours Truly,


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