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nEw YeAr. wHo DiS??

Kelley Marie Costa: The very bAsIcS

Hi! I am Kelley…welcome to the start of my blog. I have wanted to start a blog for a while, so, two years later, here we go. 2020 has proven so be nothing short of crazy, complex, trying and frustrating, so I figured, this was the time. Honestly, if I was going to sum myself up, those words fit too, along with a side of funny and ambitious!

I welcome you to read along as often as you like, but I will preface now, this is a somewhat speak my mind place for me.

For those that know me, my main job currently is the owner of some ice cream and coffee shops, and at times, my real thoughts are censored, since my opinions are under public eye and scrutiny. This blog, for one, is my outlet to somewhat take a breath. It is also a place for me to voice new ideas I have, dreams I am chasing, crisis I am dealing with, and anything else coming up in the mix. You will see, I am an entrepreneur, and my mind is always going,

Ok, with that out of the way, there is another reason I have decided to blog. I have been blessed with an amazing health bill (that is sarcasm), that puts me in the hospital and at doctors’ offices a lot for my age. I am not going to disclose my age, but trust me, for it, I see too many medical professionals. It was suggested to me that developing a journal or forum such as this could be a good way to deal with stress, so I figured I would give it shot.

My final reason for entering the blog forum, yes, I have another, is to simply spread knowledge, wisdom and facts about small business truth. I have been in small business America since I was sixteen. I have seen drastic changes just in the last ten years, but one thing I can tell you, experience, guts, and at times, the ability to be naive to the world, are necessities to survive in it. I have realized as my health continues to get wishy washy, I want to create printed footprints of lessons that maybe someone else can use. If no one cares, that is okay, I will still enjoy this opportunity to speak my mind.

As typical with an entrepreneur, my entries will be randomly based, as my mind works like that. One day I am totally focused on new ice cream flavors, one day completely focused on my health, one day my cat, one day curing cancer or planning fundraisers to get money to cure cancers, so for those following along, enjoy, but heads up.

In an overview format, I will tell you... I have done a lot, experienced a lot, been through a lot in my days here on earth for my age. I am not complaining. I would not trade any of my bad days in, and obviously not my good ones. As I start to log entries, I will certainly walk you through some, good and bad, and what a ride I am sure you will see. Through anything and everything, there are a few things that always come out on top with me. I almost never going to go to bed mad; I do not believe in the word impossible; I do not have time for slackers (in any part of my life); and if you want it, no matter what it is, you can get it if you work and try hard enough.

To those joining me on my journey, cheers.

Talk soon!

10 Totally Random Things About Me: Our Icebreaker

1. I do not believe in the word impossible.

2. George Clooney is my celebrity crush.

3. They say live with no regrets, but if I am being honest, I live pretty chill, but I may rewrite a few lines if I had a redo.

4. In my past life of real-world jobs, being professionally dressed was not optional. Being in sweats and t-shirts often in my new real-world jobs is an amazing perk I did not even fully think about when making this leap.

5. I would skip any meal for dessert, and I would replace any meal suggested with chicken fingers and french fries, so yes, my palette goes well with most small children.

6. I am a chronic migraine sufferer, I have been since I was 22, and there is nothing fun about that.

7. Every year, I hear my mother come out of my mouth more and more, and though I used to silently groan, my mother entertains me like no other, so I am at peace with it now.

8. I would never back down from a challenge, dare or competition. I do not think anything fuels me more than a good challenge and it is one thing I fear not enough people welcome as time goes on. Competition is healthy, embrace people who make you better.

9. I have had three brain aneurysms and two brain surgeries in the last ten years, but I am still here to tell the tale so that should tell you, it takes a lot to make me nervous.

10. I am very sarcastic. I do not believe in taking anything too seriously, life it too short for that. Laughter is an amazing feeling you should do often, or I question you.

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1 Comment

Arnel Balcita
Arnel Balcita
Jan 03, 2021

11. I bring a lot to the table, so there better be a damn big table waiting for me. The world is better because I dwell upon it. I get that from my Brothers...I guess looking at me you wouldn't think that I'm Greek too.

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